Dress for Success on a Budget

Hey Guys!

It has been a while but I'm back! I graduated law school and now I start working at that the firm I worked for in law school. I'm really excited to not be in school anymore and actually make some money! However, I still like to shop the sales and discounts because I'm still on a student budget. Because I am starting work, I have recently expanded my work wardrobe. I like looking nice for work but don't like paying extravagant prices for designer clothes. Over the years I have created a mental list of all the places that I like to shop at for work clothes that won't bust my bank account!

Many of the places I shop always have big sales and have quality work wear. The key is to sign up for their email lists to see when they have big sales. I will not shop at these places unless I can get something on sale just because without the sale, many of the items are a little too pricey for me! Below I have listed my favorite places to shop for work wear and tips about looking for sales!

Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor regularly informs its shoppers about its huge sales through email. I love Ann Taylor suits. They are reasonably priced on sale and good quality! Make sure to always look for the sales though!

Banana Republic Factory Store 
They have great suits at a good price! They also have great tops and cardigans for work. You can also get texts for when they are having a sale!

J. Crew Factory Store 
The factory store is a good place to get tops for work and cardigans. Their suits are not my favorite but I highly recommend their business dresses. Their dresses fit really well!

Macy's ALWAYS has sales. They carry good quality brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors. These brands look great and are on sale several times throughout the year. Macy's cards are useful because Macy's sends you coupons with significant savings throughout the year so if you can, sign up for an account with Macy's!

While I do love these brands, I also love the look of many of the more expensive brands like Theory, Boss, and Vince. but these brands are almost always out of my price range. Recently I have been looking for how I can get these brands for cheaper and I have acquired a few tips for buying pieces from these collections for less than full price. See below!

TJ Maxx
I have had great success finding Theory pieces at the TJ Maxx's in San Diego! I love Theory because their pieces are very classic but also stylish and sleek. I many of the pieces that I have found have been more than 50% off! While even at 50% off Theory and Vince. can be expensive, they are of very good quality and are worth the investment!

Nordstrom Rack
One of my all time favorite stores is Nordstrom Rack! I love the regular Nordstrom as well but Nordstrom Rack has really good deals and unlike TJ Maxx, you can shop Nordstrom Rack online! I've gotten pieces from Theory and Vince. at the Rack at a strong discount. A few times a year, The Rack has the "clear the rack" sale when you get 25% of clearance! That is my my all time favorite sale. I bought a Theory dress recently at the "clear the rack" sale for about $80!

I hope this helped anyone who is looking for affordable work wear! If you have any questions or comments drop a comment below!

xx- Juliana


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