Post-workout Smoothie Recipe

So there has been amazing weather in Sand Diego recently! (I know surprise surprise). Because it has been so warm and beautiful out, the weather has caused me to start making smoothies and smoothie bowls for breakfast and fuel for after a workout. I started my new years resolutions a little late but I have been eating pretty clean lately and this smoothie has helped a lot with starting the day off right and staying on track. Here's the recipe!

  1. one banana
  2. two cups of frozen peaches
  3. one cup of spinach
  4. two cups of  almond milk (or milk of your choice)
  5. one scoop of the protein powder of your choice (tastes best with vanilla flavor)
  1.  1/4 a banana
  2. blueberries
  3. chia seeds
  4. granola
  5. goji berries
Just blend the ingredients and serve in a bowl and add the toppings! These are some of my favorite toppings but you can add whatever you like to put on top of you smoothie. Some of my other favorite toppings are strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, hemp seeds, and cacao nibs! Tag me in any photos of the smoothies you make!

xx/ Juliana


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