GLAMGLOW Glitter Mask Review

Guys my brother got me the Glamglow glitter mask for Christmas! I was so excited when I opened it even though I picked it out lol (best brother ever). I have so many masks that sometimes I forget what I have. When I came back to San Diego after Christmas break I lost the mask in all the stuff I ended up bringing back. I recently found it and tried for the first time last week and tried it again this week. I'm writing this post so that anyone who was thinking about buying the mask can make an informed decision without the influence of a sponsored review.

I'm just going to write what I like and don't like about the mask so you can make your decision with some new information

  • Smells good - I'm not sure exactly what ingredient in the mask makes it smell the way it does but it has a fresh smell when you open the jar and apply the mask.
  • Easy application - The mask comes with a small application brush that you dip in the jar and brush on your face. The brush makes the application clean and easy and you don't have to get your hands dirty.
  • Tighter skin - Even after the first use I could feel that my skin was tighter and my pores were smaller. The jar says to apply the mask twice a week but I will be applying it once a week because it is expensive to replace. 
  • Easy removal - I know everyone has seen the videos of charcoal masks getting stuck on people's faces haha but that isn't the case with this mask. The mask does peel off after it is dry and has done its job but it peels off very smoothly. If there's any excess mask left on your face you just have to wash it off with warm water. 

  • The Price - The Mask costs $69 at Sephora, which I think is a little on the pricey side for the amount of mask you actually receive. 
  • The Glitter - Strangely enough what attracted me to the mask in the first place is what annoys me about it. Although the glitter looks pretty when it is on your face it is annoying to wash off. 
  • Doesn't exfoliate too much - The mask states that it's "tingling and exfoliating." While it does tingle it does not exfoliate. I believe GLAMGLOW put the glitter in the mask to be the exfoliator but it doesn't do anything but get stuck on your face. 

  • I think this mask is a good purchase if you do not mind the price.  It makes your skin tight and makes it feel fresh. I will keep using it once a week to see the long term side effects but so far I really like its effects and highly recommend buying it!

xx/ Juliana Duran 


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