5 Tips to Follow through with your Fitness Resolution

In a previous post, I shared my New Years Resolutions with you guys. One of my New Years Resolutions is to try new fitness activities. Many people make New Years Resolutions every year regarding fitness and health to start their New Year off in the right way. Some people want to try new fitness activities like yoga and others, new to exercising, make resolutions to start their fitness journey.  Starting a fitness journey can be tough, especially if you haven't ever had a fitness routine. While starting may be difficult for some, most people (including me!) have an even more difficult time keeping up with their fitness goals and give up or get discouraged shortly after starting. I understand these difficulties greatly as I struggled with them when I first started getting into fitness so I wanted to share some of my tips to make sure you achieve your fitness goals for 2018!

  1. Join a gym -- Right now gyms are giving really good deals on memberships because of the new year so it is the perfect (and the cheapest) time to buy one. It's also good motivation to workout when you are paying for a gym membership.
  2. Get some new fitness gear! -- I get more motivated to go to the gym when I have a cute outfit to wear. It's important to invest in some good fitness clothes because it makes a difference and good clothes can go a long way in making your workout more enjoyable. 
    1. Some of my favorite fitness brands are Nike, Lululemon, 90 Degree (available at Marshalls), Under Armour, and Beyond Yoga. I have tried other brands but I always go back to these brands because in my opinion they are the best for all the different workouts I do.
  3. Buy a Fitness tracker -- I love my apple watch to keep track of my workouts. I am able to set calorie goals on my watch and it reminds me throughout the day to workout.
    1. If you do not want to pay the price of an apple watch there are great alternatives. The Fitbit brand has amazing trackers. I also used to own a Garmin tracker that was amazing and I highly recommend if you are wanting to get into running. 
  4.  Mix it up -- if you do the same workout over and over you will get tired of working out (trust me!)
    1. Try different type of workout or change the place you workout if you start to feel like you are headed toward a rut.
  5. Convince (or force) a friend to workout with you -- Having a person to keep you accountable will go along way!

I hope these tips can help you stay on track! I plan to follow these as well and will be posting more about my fitness journey!

xx/ Juliana


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