Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

It's almost Christmas!!! I'm so excited yet so tired of planning.  I've done a majority of my shopping online because I prefer that than trying to navigate the crazy stores this time of year. Every year, there are a variety of people I buy gifts for that have different likes and personalities that require different types of gifts. One of of those types is the fitness fanatic! The fitness fanatic is one of the trickier groups to buy for especially if you're not a fitness fanatic yourself.  Luckily for whoever is reading this, I consider myself one of those fitness fanatics so I have compiled a list of gifts that any fitness fanatic would love!

1. Exercise bands
2. Hydroflask water bottle
3. Fitbit
4. Set of 5, 10, 15 lbs. kettle bells
5. Exercise ball
6. Yoga mat
7. Wireless headphones
8. Swell water bottle
9. 10 lbs. weights
10. Blender bottle


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