Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

I went to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, which was a nice way to spend the afternoon! There are several Pumpkin Stations in San Diego County and I went to the one in South County in Bonita. It was a really cute pumpkin patch and a really good one for kids!

The pumpkin patch had a a hay ride, corn maze, and petting zoo to go along with the thousands of pumpkins.

I walked through the corn maze, which was shorter than me, with Melina.  It was so short that we thought we would have no problem getting through it, but we ended up taking a wrong turn and getting a little lost haha.

I watched the little kids petting the farm animals and snapped a photo of the cute goat who had had enough of the kids (my kind of goat).

We walked around looking for the perfect pumpkin for me to take home.  There were so many kinds of pumpkins at the patch.  It had regular orange ones, bumpy ones, and all different kinds of colors.  Initially I was drawn to the typical orange pumpkins.  my family grew pumpkins at our house when we were growing up so I normally get one every year. However, I was drawn to the more atypical pumpkins this year.
Almost bought this little guy but went with a more unique looking pumpkin

I ended up getting a light pink/grayish looking pumpkin that I love! I also got two little bumpy pumpkins for $1 each.  My pumpkin is now sitting on my coffee table with all the little pumpkins I had already bought.

It was a good time and I was able to get my pumpkin for my table! Going to the pumpkin patch should definitely be on your fall to do list!



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