Labor Day Weekend

While the weather Hurricane Harvey was hitting south Texas, us Californians were melting with record high temperatures. While Harvey's devastation was weighing on America's heart, it was also uplifting to see people come together to help those in need.

For me it was great to see celebrities and the average Joe donate what they could to help Harvey victims. It was also to see a great college football start up again! I ended up watching college football all Saturday with the highlight being watching my Trojans beat Western Michigan.

Sunday I went to a Padres game because who can pass up free tickets in the first row?!  Also I've realized that I need to take up the opportunity to have fun when I have the time because that helps me balance my life and reduce my stress.

The Padres were playing the Dodgers (P.S. I'm a Giants fan) so I was rooting for the Padres but not holding my breath. When we got there it was hotter than blazes and it never let off.  When we got to our seats in the first row, there were Dodger fans galore screaming at the players for autographs. The most memorable being this little 6 year old boy screaming his head off to get the Dodger players' attention.

Some players finally came over.

We sat in out seats with our nachos trying not to move because of the heat. Finally we realized we were going to sweat no matter what so we just gave up an enjoyed ourselves despite the heat.

While we sweat, sweat, and sweat, the Dodgers and Padres put on an exciting game. There were four or five home runs and three times as many Dodger fans than Padres fans so the stadium erupted with cheers and boos constantly.

Despite a Dodger home run in the 9th, the Padres pulled it out and won 4-6! all in all it was a good day! and the better part was that I had the next day off to recover and the weather gave us Californians a little break.  Keep it balanced guys!

xx- Juliana


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