Holy Matcha!

If you plan on visiting San Diego or eve live in San Diego then you MUST hit up North Park.  North Park is a neighborhood in San Diego that has the best eateries and coffee places to visit.  Last week I hit up Holy Matcha with my friend Melina to see what all the hype was about!

I have seen pictures on Instagram of this place and thought it looked adorable and I love Matcha so we checked it out. We walked in and the whole place is what I wished my condo looked liked.  It was decorated with the cutest little succulents and plants and hues of pink!

Also the pink mason jars...I NEED THE PINK MASON JARS!

The menu was pretty limited but everything had a matcha component to it! Melina and I ordered the iced matcha lattes with almond milk (they only offer almond or coconut milk).  The menu contained so many delicious matcha drinks I want to try, including the matcha lemonades!

Obviously because it is a blogger/ instgramer hotspot, it was pretty busy so I don't recommend going there to study or for a long time because it's a super trendy spot with a lot of foot traffic and teenagers (and me lol) with cameras. However, the drinks were delicious!

I will definitely go back to try the matcha soft serve!



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