Workout Rut?

I've been regularly working out since I was in high school. Although this post is not about benefits of working out, I can quickly just rattle off a few! First of all keeping your body active obviously helps regulate your weight, which is important to people for overall health and aesthetic reasons (because who doesn't want to look good in a swimsuit?!). Additionally, exercising can also help you de-stress! Also, BEST OF ALL you can EAT MORE while maintaining your weight because everyone likes brunch. Am I right??

However, I know how real the workout rut is. Sometimes after a while of doing the same thing, working out can seem like a chore (which it shouldn't!) Because I have personally suffered through the annoyance of the workout I'm sharing some tips to get out of the rut and what I have done recently to get out of it!

  • Change of Scenery → If you workout at a gym, try something outside! You'll be amazed by how different it is to workout in a different place. I've gone for runs by the beach, in the mountains, and through grass plains and they are all amazing!  

  • Change your workout → Try weight lifting if you're stuck in a rut with cardio. Or you can try HIIT workouts if you're tired of long steady state workouts on the elliptical. If your gym has classes try a class with a friend or by yourself. Go for a hike or a swim or play a sport it's just important to get that heart rate up!
Hiking in Yosemite National Park this Summer!
  • Set a Specific Goal → If your goal is to lose weight then set a specific goal of how much you want to lose and by when. Set incremental goals as well to make sure you are on track! I always reward myself once I hit my goal by going out to eat or buying myself a little present!
  •  Sign up for an Event → This is how I currently am getting out of my rut! Sign up for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, triathlon or marathon! You will have to work everyday to achieve this goal and it will be exciting to see yourself improve!
How I'm Getting out of My Rut!
I signed up for a half-marathon in San Diego for November 5th! I did this because I was bored of my workouts and continuously made excuses not to workout or made excuses to go easy on my workout. Signing up for this half-marathon has and will continue to make me accountable for my fitness, which is an important part of balancing my life!

I gave myself 3 months to get myself back into shape and researched and found a 12 week running plan that was doable with my schedule. The running schedule can be found here if interested! I ran a half-marathon a couple years ago so I am more comfortable now doing another one! If you are interest in one and haven't before, do it! It's not death. You can run the whole thing or walk the whole if you want, or run-walk! Do not let your fear stop you from trying! Runners of all levels run/walk in them and it's an amazing accomplishment you can be proud of!

Running events go on year round, especially here in California where the weather is pretty easy to run in. Here is a list of running races from all over California if interested!


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