Plan for Balance

I will start by admitting that I am not the most organized person out there. However, I do take steps to ensure that I can maximize the time I have to get tasks done during the day. One of the biggest tips I can give you to utilize your time efficiently is to invest in a planner! They come in all sizes and types and are easily portable in a purse or a backpack. I can tell you that during the school year I pretty much live and breathe by my planner.

Like I said there are a TON of different planners! You can get them pretty much anywhere including places like Target but because I use my planner all day everyday, I like to invest a little in getting a really good planner that motivates me to use it all the time.

This year I decided to try a planner from May Designs! I discovered May Designs after researching extensively for a personalized planner.  There are so many good companies out there that make great planners but I decided to go with May Designs because of the light weight material the planner covers are made of and because they aren't bulky.

These planners are awesome for many reasons! They come in several sizes and I decided to go with the size that is comparable to a composition book.  You can also choose from so many different covers! They literally have a cover for every style! You can also personalize the cover in another way by adding your your name or initials in different fonts and texts. I LOVE everything about these agenda/planners and they are reasonably priced being under $30!

Once I get a planner, I plan out literally everything in my day from my workouts to study time. It is the best way to make sure that I make time for everything that is important in my life. By organizing my tasks I can better see where I need to be more efficient, which helps me develop a schedule for each day and live by that schedule.

The only somewhat negative thing I have to say about these it that you just shove it into your bag it can bend because the material is soft and light weight but other than that, I love everything about these planners!

Once you get your planner you cant get some cool pens and binder clips to stay organized! I just purchased some Zebra Midliner markers and LOVE them!I use the Midliners for my agenda and class notes. They can be used as highlighters and markers and come in the best color sets!

I highly recommend investing in a good planner like the May Designs planner! It will get you on track and keep you on track with all you responsibilities. The key to balance is organization after all! take this one simple step to maintain balance in your life!


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