Liberty Public Market Outing

It's important to balance all the work you do in your life, whether it be school or a job, with fun activities.  I try to do something "fun" once a week so I don't go crazy whether it be going for a hike or grabbing dinner with friend. Today my friend Melina and I decided to go to the Thursday farmer's market at Liberty Station, a cool market place in San Diego. However, when we got there, there was no farmer's market to be found.

It ended up being fine because Liberty Station is a really cool place where there are open stalls to shop at and eccentric places to eat. After walking around outside looking for the non-existent farmer's market, we walked into the station and looked at some of the unique shops the market had to offer.

There are some really cool vintage clothing stalls and handmade jewelry stalls with some very beautiful pieces. There's also a really cool pet stall with organic pet clothing! However, while the clothing stalls are nice, my favorite part about liberty station's public market is the food stalls! 

After spending time gawking at a dessert stall for a while, I finally decided to pick something on the healthier side. I came across this stall called "Local Greens." It had so many great options but ended up choosing a spicy teriyaki bowl with tofu, which didn't disappoint! It was full or flavor and carbs which is my favorite combination. 

 Melina decided to try a lavender latte, which was delicious (I obviously tried it!). We will try to recreate the latte in a later blog post by the way!

We walked around outside and looked at the beautiful art and eclectic furniture. 

All in all it was a good time! Although we didn't get our farmer's market, we had a good change of scenery and some delicious treats!


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