Last First Day of School

Today is my last first day of school! I am so excited to get this year started because I will be one step closer of starting my life! It's crazy for me to think that after almost 20 years of school, I only have one left. Because I will be going to school and working part-time I know I will need that balance that I have always striven for. Today I walked around a little to think about my future and the beauty around me on campus. I snapped some photos and obviously had to snap a obligatory first day school photo to send to my mom!

Luckily I attend a school that has one of the most gorgeous campuses in the US. While I'm currently writing this post in the library, there are so many places outdoors to study! I'm in awe in what was built decades ago to facilitate learning!

 Also I adore flowers, which should be obvious from my Blog name and this campus has them EVERYWHERE! San Diego has such a great climate for growing all types of plants. Luckily for me the climate also allows for many tropical flowers to be grown, which can be seen all over campus from Hibiscus to Birds of Paradise!

  I just wanted to share my beautiful campus with everyone and discuss how grateful I am for the opportunity I was given to study here.

This is the place where I do most of my studying and thinking. Future posts will likely be a product of work I completed at this school so I hope you enjoy the photos and a little insight into my life!


  1. Good luck with your work !!

    Xx Crystal


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